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NCL Composer 0.3.0 released

2016/10/10 08:56

The main features in this version are: (1) a new improved main window, allowing better organization of the interface; (2) a completely refactory of the structural view; and (3) a new Run View plugin, which allow to play Ginga embedded in NCL Composer.

NCL Composer is now on github

2016/09/03 14:13

We are glad to announce that NCL Composer source code is now officially available on GitHub at

NCL Composer 0.2.1 released

2016/01/05 13:49

Release 0.2.1 of NCL Composer is out.

The main feature in this version is the possibility to run multi-device applications (take a look in this tutorial to learn how to use it). It also includes minor improvements and the bug fixes bellow.

NCL Composer 0.2.0 released

2015/04/17 18:56

Release 0.2.0 of NCL Composer is out. This release has been developed during the last year, and includes the improvements and bug fixes implemented during this last year. Probably, you will found only few changes on the user interface, but several internal refactoring and new features for plug-in developers have been implemented since the 0.1.9 version.

NCL Composer 0.1.7 released

2013/11/22 15:06

Release 0.1.7 of NCL Composer is out. This new release is a bug fix release. Thus, you will not find a lot of new features, but mainly improved ones.

This version is also a preparation for the next major version 0.2.0, when we will fully support Qt 5.0. Currently, you are able to build the source code with Qt 4.8 or Qt 5.x. However, our currently release binaries is still based on Qt 4.8.