NCL Composer 0.2.1 released

Release 0.2.1 of NCL Composer is out.

The main feature in this version is the possibility to run multi-device applications (take a look in this tutorial to learn how to use it). It also includes minor improvements and the bug fixes bellow.

The main issues included in this version are:

  • Feature #722: When installing NCL Composer, ask if the user wants to install Ginga-NCL Reference Implementation.
  • Feature #726: Windows Installer: Change the default installdir to $PROGRAMFILES/TeleMidia/NCL Composer/.
  • Composer GUI - Feature #734: Support for running passive/active devices.
  • Composer GUI - Feature #737: Support space between parameters in run configuration.
  • Composer Plugins - Bug #725: Property: ENTER in the text editor should not be handled as \n, but should confirm the value.
  • Composer Plugins - Bug #733: Property: Disable property name edition.
  • Composer Plugins - Bug #735: Layout: SHIFT+RIGHT is working as SHIFT+LEFT and SHIFT+DOWN is working as SHIFT+UP.
  • Composer Plugins - Feature #271: Layout: Enable Zoom In/Out.
  • Composer Plugins - Feature #497: Structural: Insert new entities at the mouse pointer position.
  • Composer Plugins - Feature #723: Textual: Update to Qscintilla 2.9.

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