NCL Composer 0.1.7 released

Release 0.1.7 of NCL Composer is out. This new release is a bug fix release. Thus, you will not find a lot of new features, but mainly improved ones.

This version is also a preparation for the next major version 0.2.0, when we will fully support Qt 5.0. Currently, you are able to build the source code with Qt 4.8 or Qt 5.x. However, our currently release binaries is still based on Qt 4.8.

The main issues included in this version are:

  • Bug #622: Link description in WelcomeWidget “Part 8 - NCL Live Editing Commands” should be “Part 9 - NCL Live Editing Commands”
  • Bug #630: Size of properties and outline views are too big for some resolutions.
  • Feature #625: Add build date to About Dialog.
  • Bug #624: Validator: moveUp, moveDown etc. are showing error messages even in correct cases.
  • Bug #631: Structural: When a new connector is add, the structural view does not show the related parameters.
  • Bug #632: Structural: Invalid reference for a connectorParam crash NCL Composer.
  • Feature #468: Structural: Refactory of structural → Remove QnstEntity class.
  • Feature #469: Structural: Refactory of structural → Remove duplicated information between QnstGraphicsEntity and QnstEntity.
  • Feature #626: Layout: Add option to create a new regionBase in dropdown menu to select regionBase.
  • Feature #629: Structural: Add icon to sbtvd:, isdb-ts:, ts: etc. media objects.

Find out more in our Download Section and if you find any problem, please contact us!