NCL Composer 0.1.6 released

Release 0.1.6 of NCL Composer is out. This release mainly includes improvements in the layout view (including a new toolbar) and structural view (including a new minimap for navigation), and also a lot of bug fixes. The main issues included in this version are:

  • Bug #536: wrongs links in welcome screen
  • Feature #525: Add version to SplashScreen.
  • Feature #535: Change update messages to be based on NCL Composer version (regex?).
  • Bug #393: Structural: Highlight of context/switch while creating a link is not working.
  • Bug #488: Structural: the system crash after delete a bind associated with a interface of a reused entity.
  • Bug #544: Structural: Port to area or other port (in a context inside the other) does not work.
  • Bug #545: Structural: Link from a port to another port is crashing.
  • Bug #605: Textual: Cursor position when inserting a new attribute through autocomplete should be inside the attribute value.
  • Bug #613: Layout: Combobox is not being updated when current selected regionBase changes.
  • Bug #615: Layout: regionBase id is not being updated in the combobox.
  • Feature #360: Textual: Update with the QScintilla version 2.7.
  • Feature #412: Structural: Show underline mark in entities with error.
  • Feature #463: Structural: Minimap for global visualization
  • Feature #491: Layout: Add a toolbar to include new region, enable/disbale grid, align options, etc.
  • Feature #521: Structural: Mouse over “bind” must show tooltip in the form “condition(id#area)”.
  • Feature #543: Structural: mark port with errors.
  • Feature #548: Layout: Add show/hide grid option to toolbar.
  • Feature #549: Layout: Add insert region action to toolbar.
  • Feature #550: Layout: Add remove region option to toolbar.
  • Feature #571: Layout: Add combobox to change among regionBases to toolbar.
  • Feature #604: Layout: Add export (snapshot) to toolbar menu.
  • Feature #606: Textual: Suggestions for property names.

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