NCL Composer 0.1.2 released

Release 0.1.2 of NCL Composer is out, with many new features and bug fixes, including:

  • A theme system that allows the NCL Composer to be fully-customized through a CSS like syntax (based on QSS system).
  • A notify system that allow us to notify users of new releases, events, etc.
  • Improvements in the Run over SSH feature. Now, only files that have been modified since the last run are sent to remote machine again.
  • Marking entities with error (links and medias) in the Structural View.
  • Autocomplete to xconnectors while creating a new link in the Structural View.
  • A full-revised default connector base.
  • Allows the user to show a grid in the Layout View, that can help while the user is indicating where the media will be presented.
  • And many other good things.

Though in this new release a number of bug fixes is added, we still consider we are in a BETA stage. Please, if you find any problem, contact us.

Find out more in our Download Section and enjoy!