Contributing to Open Source Projects

Most new users want to contribute to Open Source projects but are usually intimidated to the project as a whole. On the Web there are a lot of good articles that shows how you can to contribute to Open Source project. So, instead of rewriting everything here, I will redirect you for a very good blog post on “14 Ways to Contribute to Open Source without Being a Programming Genius or a Rock Star” that was posted by Andy Lester on Software Quality Matters Blog.

However, an important thing of the article above (and most of the others available on the Web), and that I want to highlight here is: you do not need to be a genius programmer, or even a programmer at all to contribute. There are a lot of ways to contribute, from promoting the software, bug reporting, testing, documentation, and until coding. Don't be intimidate!

For NCL Composer, we keep a page on ways to contribute (Contribute page). Visit it! And if you want to contribute, does not hesitate in contact us.