How to configure NCL Composer to run an NCL Application

There are two ways of running your NCL application from NCL Composer:

To configure NCL Composer to run the NCL application from the loca Ginga you must select the Menu: Edit→Preferences→Run Configuration.

The following screen will be presented:

In this screen, mark the option Local: Ginga Player and fill the text box Command with the path to the Ginga-NCL binary.

The text box Arguments can be filled with parameters to the Ginga-NCL binary. You mus put each parameter in a different line.

To run your application in the Ginga Virtual Set-top Box choose the option: Remote: Ginga-NCL Virtual Set-top Box.

Usually, the only parameter to be changed is the IP address of the virtual machine. We suggest you do not change the other parameters, unless you know exactly what you are doing