Submitting a patch to NCL Composer

You can submit a patch directly to our Mailing List (go to contact page for more information).

The easiest way to create a patch is using the git features. We recommend you create a new branch and hack whatever you want in this local branch. This way, you can commit your changes locally and even keep track of your local changes easily.

Let's say you want to changes some code in the composer-core project. First you need to clone the repository and then create your own local branch:

$ git clone git://
$ cd composer-core
$ git checkout -b myfix_to_composer

Now, you can change whatever you want and commit your changes to your myfix_to_composer local branch.

When you are done, you can create a new patch with the following command:

$ git format-patch master --stdout > mypatch.patch

Now, send us this mypatch.patch file.

You can also, send this patch directly from git, using git send-email command:

$ git send-email mypatch.patch