This page list the main changes for each NCL Composer version.

You can download anyone of these version in older_versions


Release date: 19 Mar 2013

  • Bug #478: Update min message id is not updated when the user update NCL Composer.
  • Bug #485: When a View is floating the menu Window→Show View is not showing that View.
  • Feature #500: When creating a new Project, make the default “Copy and Import the default Connector Base” preference as true.
  • Feature #532: Show the plugins in the screen a “more nice” way when open NCL Composer for the first time.
  • Feature #533: Feature: Option to create a default regionBase when creating a new project.
  • Bug #322: Structural: Fix <link> considering the size of nodes.
  • Bug #446: Structural: Adding bindParam from outside structural view is not being reflected in structural view.
  • Bug #492: Textual: transition is not being suggested as child of transitionBase.
  • Bug #514: Layout: Keep the project settings for grid preference.
  • Feature #420: Layout: When the user create a region add it with a zIndex greater than the others.
  • Feature #452: Structural: Mouse over should show also the error, if any.
  • Feature #480: Structural: Show link dialog in the center of current screen (when used a desktop with multiple screen).
  • Feature #484: Structural: Show bindParam in the parameter Window, only if it is related to the double clicked bind.
  • Feature #531: Textual: Add references from moveUp, moveDown, moveLeft, moveRight to focusIndex.


Release date: 06 Dec 2012

  • Bug #467: Layout: updateFromModel does not keep grid visibility.
  • Bug #472: Clear recent project is not cleanning recent projects in Welcome page.
  • Bug #474: Structural: Import base is being ignored when first creating a project.
  • Bug #475: Structural: Adding a causalConnector in structural is not being reflected in other views.
  • Support #476: Check if there is a previous version of NCL Composer installed (and ask to remove it) on Windows.


Release date: 01 Nov 2012



Release date: 04 Oct 2012

  • A theme system that allows the NCL Composer to be fully-customized through a CSS like syntax (based on QSS system).
  • A notify system that allow us to notify users of new releases, events, etc.
  • Improvements in the Run over SSH feature. Now, only files that have been modified since the last run are sent to remote machine again.
  • Marking entities with error (links and medias) in the Structural View.
  • Autocomplete to xconnectors while creating a new link in the Structural View.
  • A full-revised default connector base.
  • Allows the user to show a grid in the Layout View, that can help while the user is indicating where the media will be presented.
  • And many other good things.


Release date: 14 May 2012



Release date: 11 May 2012